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We know flooring Kennewick. Every home has floors and every floor eventually needs to be replaced. So where do homeowners in Kennewick, Richland and Pasco go to get new floors? May we suggest Factory Direct Floorings. Factory Direct Floorings is locally owned and operated by a long time Kennewick resident. While there are many possible places to shop for floors there are a few things that separates Factory Direct Floorings apart from other flooring stores in the Tri-Cities area. First, while we have in-stock flooring we keep it at our off-site warehouse located in Kennewick. This frees up space in our store for a larger selection of floor samples. This allows our small flooring store to compete with even the largest flooring selections in town despite our small size. By purchasing in-stock flooring it also allows us to get better price breaks from our vendors. These price breaks translate into more competitive prices on all flooring for Tri-Cities residents from carpet to hardwood and from laminate to tile.

Flooring Knowledge 101

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Flooring can typically be broken up into a few main components: 1) The face or surface and 2) the core. Solid hardwood flooring is quite simple to explain. The material or species of wood you see on the surface of planks is the same as the core. This has both pros and cons. The pros are that it can be resurfaced and take out a lot of the dings and scratches in the floors. The cons are it's more expensive since the expensive wood on the surface is also in the core, the HVAC system will usually need a humidifier, especially in the Tri-Cities area since it's so dry. Solid hardwood isn't as stable to the climate as other flooring options such as engineered hardwood, vinyl plank or laminates. While solid used to be considered the best hardwood floor option, engineered is now being put in many more homes and even in million dollar homes. Most homes is Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, West Richland, Hermiston, Pendleton, Yakima, etc do not have solid hardwood floors unless they are much older homes when this style of flooring was the only option.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is still hardwood flooring but has different components. The surface is made of a veneer or thin layer of the more expensive species of wood while the core is plywood. Most customers are fine with he plywood core for a few reasons: 1) Once installed you never see the plywood core it 2) It is a more cost effective flooring option so it saves money and 3) It's more stable in any climate than solid so it works much better in the Tri-Cities. The cons with engineered hardwood flooring are that you usually can refinish it. Probably the most common hard surface flooring found in medium to higher end homes in the greater Tri-Cities including Hermiston, Pendleton, Yakima and more.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made of an MDF (medium density fiber) or HDF (high density fiber) core which is basically saw dust and glue pressed into a board. The surface is a laminated paper print that is glued to the core. The pros of laminate are that 1) it's very affordable and 2) it's easy to install. The cons with laminate is that it doesn't do well with moisture. While some floors dry out and retain more of their original shape, laminate floors will buckle at the seams. It's great for any rental in the greater Tri-Cities area or just an affordable way to update your home.

There is a new line of laminates that are water resistant. They add a resin to the core to make it more stable in water. Our Calypso flooring line is a water resistant laminate that allows standing water on the surface for up to 72 hours without any damage. One thing to remember however is that if water gets under the floor and into the underlayment it doesn't matter what the flooring is made of, if the underlayment needs to be replaced then so does the floor.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring consists of all vinyl and is produced in two major styles 1) glue down and 2) click together. Installation is easy with either and the requirement for specific tools is minimal. You can cut it with a blade instead of a saw which ads to the convenience and speed of installation. Click together can be much easier for the DIY flooring installer since you're not dealing with messy glue. Glue down may be a little trickier but still not too bad. Many builders in the Tri-Cities area are turning to vinyl plank flooring in many areas of the home due to it's water proof nature and affordability.

Vinyl Roll Flooring

Vinyl roll flooring has been around for a long time. While not as popular as plank it has evolved over the years. High definition print technology for all flooring has left better quality detail and color contrast in all flooring products. Vinyl roll flooring is no exception. It's not your grandma's vinyl any more. Many lines have added greater cushion along with more realistic designs and better colors. Often when they are designing many floor products including vinyl flooring they will stage a material and take a picture of it and then print it on the flooring. This is why some of them look so real. It's because it's a print of a photograph.

Carpet Flooring

While solid surface has become much more popular, wall to wall carpet continues to be a staple of almost every home in the United States and Canada. Many people are building homes with hardwood and laminates but they always seem to keep carpet in the bedrooms. People just seem to enjoy that soft feeling of carpet under their feet. Carpet in general is made up of two fibers 1) polyester and 2) nylon. Polyester is a more affordable option but is not as durable as nylon. It can be softer than most nylons and can be dyed with a larger variety of colors than nylon. Nylon is more durable that polyester. This is due to the temperature that each fiber of produced at. Nylon is produced at a higher temperature and this makes the material more durable. The downfall to nylon is that it can't be dyed as many colors as polyester. Despite all of this nylon is more expensive usually due the the greater durability of it.

Floor and Wall Tile

Floor tile's most common sizes are 13x13 and 12x24 inch. Tile is typically produced in either porcelain or ceramic. As mentioned prior the look of tile has changed tremendously over the years with high definition printing. There is much more detail and contrast to tile now. Ceramic tile can only be installed indoors due to how it handles moisture. Porcelain tile can be installed indoors or outdoors since it's much more durable to moisture due to it's dense nature. Many people assume tile is tile and shop only based on looks and price. There is a difference in quality however. Cheaper tiles can have a warp to them which may translate into a more difficult installation. If a tile installer inspects the quality of the tile first he is wise because this may govern the rate he charges due to the level of difficulty.

Wall tile can be manufactured with porcelain or ceramic as well but can also be made of glass, stone, and even metal. Since it's more for aesthetics and will not be walked on it doesn't need to be made of materials that are as durable as floor tile.

Flooring Products & Information

Feel free to view just a small sample of the flooring selections that we have in our Kennewick store. We offer generally the same flooring selections as larger flooring stores but without the pallets of tile and carpet rolls. We keep those at our offsite warehouse.

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Buying flooring can be a large purchase and it's not something that most people do very often. Let us help answer your questions and make your buying experience a good one. You can look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions here or contact us with additional questions.

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